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Taste Ekkamai brings to Thailand Adamson Systems Engineering Point Sources power with the full control from Allen & Heath.

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Taste Ekkamai’s team was looking for an outstanding sound system that would help them differentiate from the rest of clubs in the city. After checking with some of the usual competitor brands and listening to several products they were very impressed with Sonos Libra’s proposal. 

The idea was to have very high SPL, very high intelligibility and very uniform coverage with an easy way to control the system. Adamson S Series point sources in installation version where the right options. Simple as 2 mains using the IS10p and 2 delays using the IS7px will provide the sufficient coverage and SPL required. The VIP and DJ monitors where given to 4 Point 8s. Deep low frequency response and kick responsibilities were assigned to the IS219, the latest installation focus sub using the great 19” kevlar woofer from Adamson.

Signal distribution and system control was given to Allen & Heath. There are 4 analog signal runs coming from DJ Booth into an AHM16. Also a SQ5 compact digital mixer sends its outputs into the AHM16. Then the management of the club have the possibility to both preset and easy control or override to manual and on board control. This signal flow also provides redundancy in case any of the hardware fails.

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Tuning and system commissioning has been done by Sonos Libra Engineering Team with final check from CEO Alfonso Martín. This is one of the best sounding clubs in the city… and there is no question about it.
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