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PLAYdifferently makes instruments for performing and mixing music. We are founded from the belief that the tools used to mix and perform should be as creative and as unique as the artists who use them.

Our first product is the MODEL 1, a performance instrument providing new creative possibilities to artists, and empowering them to PLAYdifferently. MODEL 1 is engineered by Andy Rigby-Jones and co-designed by Richie Hawtin, with two years of extensive road testing, insight and refinement with artists, clubs and engineers from across the electronic music community.

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Built in the UK

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100% Analogue

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Performance instrument providing new creative possibilities to artists, and empowering them to PLAYdifferently

Purely analogue mixer, unique offering of 6 fully featured input channels plus 2 stereo returns in a small format frame. It has many features not currently available on any comparable device, such as Input pre-amplifier drive control, hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, dual cue system, dual mixer linking system, and a fully balanced Tascam DB25 connector system.

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Ultra-compact 4-channel design

With MODEL 1 we hit the apex of pure analogue DJ mixer design. Now we’re bringing MODEL 1 performance to an ultra-compact 4-channel design, ideal for home studio use, or as the ultimate tour-able analogue mixer…so you can take your analogue core wherever you go. Can be used standalone or paired with a MODEL1 using unique mixer-link functionality to deliver an unrivalled 10-Channel Live mix experience.

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