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A brief history: Smaart

Smaart was first developed in 1995 as a cost-effective software-based solution to audio analysis during a time when the choices for audio analyzers were limited to a small number of moderately to extremely expensive hardware devices – with very limited functionality by today’s standards.

The Smaart brand went through a few ownership overlord changes until Rational Acoustics was founded in 2008 with the specific purpose of ensuring the continued development of the Smaart platform while substantially enhancing the educational and support efforts that back it.

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Smaart Suite

One Interface, Three Modes

Smaart Suite contains all three Smaart modes: Real-Time, Impulse Response, and SPL. Each mode has a data register, plot area, and control bar associated with it and shares the overall program configuration, command, and control structure.


Smaart RT

Stand-alone version of the Real Time Mode interface of Smaart Suite

RT includes all of the Real-Time mode features in Smaart Suite with no limitations or changes to the FFT-based measurement functionality. There is no IR mode and no SPL mode.

Smaart LE

Edition of Smaart’s Real Time Mode interface where the measurement settings for Spectrum and Transfer Function are fixed

LE uses the same measurement configuration process standard to the Smaart v9 platform, including multiple simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function engines with available live measurement averaging. Smaart LE contains the core, essential, functionality for day to day frequency response measurements (RTA, Spectrograph, Live IR, Phase, Magnitude, Coherence).

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Smaart SPL

Stand-alone version of the SPL Mode interface within Smaart Suite

Smaart SPL provides a powerful solution for monitoring, logging, and reporting sound pressure level. With SPL history plots, fully customizable metering, remote-viewing capabilities, Alarms and Event Notes, customizable ‘traffic light’ meter coloring, logging and report generation, and Class 1 or 2 capability with 10 EaZy hardware – Smaart is the industry’s leading software based SPL monitoring solution.

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