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Agora designs and manufactures digital Networked audiovisual products and solutions for the live and entertainment industry. Issued by a signifiant experience of the real-world usages and needs our philosophy from design to manufacturing is to deliver strong, intuitive, and fast to setup solutions to our customers and users.

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Agora Product

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FAST 2 – DanteTM applications

12 Ethercon® 10/100/1 000 Mbps ports : 6 from primary switch, 6 from secondary.

2 Ethercon® 1 000 Mbps ports for Fast link: 1 from primary switch, 1 from secondary.

99 Groups can be managed at once.

Ghost MK2


Ghost-mk2 – 1/10 Gigabits AV network switch

14 Ethercon® 10/100 /1000 Mbps. 99 Groups can be managed at once.

Internal redundant power supply

Bus, ring, star and hybrid topologies available. Agora Controller software included.

H Series

H1 – Hybrid audio network bridge

H1 is a 19’’ 1U half-rack modular hybrid platform designed for multiplexing, transport and delivery of the most common AoIP protocols and audio signals. H1 can be simultanously a standalone audio bridge and an AoIP LAN switch which makes possible the most sophisticated audio network topologies.

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Agora Controller

Agora Controller is a software that allows you to configure and monitor all the Agora products.

It was very easy to access and designed with the same logic as those used in our business.

All of its functionalities lead you to secure your network by providing the necessary services at the right places in your topology.

Finally, the precision and flexibility of the system will guide you in the customs administration of your network.

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