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How It All Began

Earthworks Audio was founded in 1995 by famed audio engineer David Blackmer. After David sold the legendary dbx company to BSR in 1979, he stayed on as a consultant for a few years before moving his family to rural New England.

At that time, he had no intention of starting yet another revolutionary Pro Audio company. But he was driven by the idea of bringing the intimate experience of live acoustic sound to loudspeakers. As he tested tweeters developed by different manufacturers his ears began picking out qualities that were not represented in their specifications. This led him down a path of exploration; trying to understand what our human physiology is capable of hearing and looking to meet those needs in full with better technology.

Today we are still building on the foundation of David’s human-centered approach to audio.

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Sounds like life.

Drum Microphones

Definition, dynamics, detail & clarity

Earthworks drum mics sound like you’re in the spotlight whether you’re in the studio, on stage, or streaming. That’s why you see and hear Earthworks drum mics on every online drum tutorial channel.

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Vocals Microphones

Unparalleled performance and stunning realism

Be bold. Whether in the studio, on stage, broadcasting or streaming, Earthworks Audio vocal microphones offer jaw-dropping realism.

Wireless Capsules

Studio Control on Stage

Bring the most responsive wireless capsule to your favorite wireless platform. And mitigate bleed and feedback with unparalleled off-axis sound rejection.

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Precision, consistency, and reliability

For over 25 years, our measurement microphones have been trusted to sculpt the sounds of performances, live sound professionals, acousticians, and researchers all over the world. Our measurement and test microphones are staples of countless tours, scientific research laboratories, tropical rainforests, and rocket testing facilities.

Piano Mics

Elegantly Simple, A better way to record piano

The integrated piano microphone system is based on two omnidirectional microphones with a frequency response from 9Hz to 40kHz — with incredible impulse response and very short diaphragm settling time. When these microphones are placed inside a piano they pick up vibrations from every string, from the soundboard and from the sides and the lid of the piano.

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Podcasting Microphone

Clarity and Lifelike Sound

Whenever anyone broadcasts with an Earthworks microphone, the reaction is always the same. You viscerally feel just like you’re in the same room.

Podium Microphone

Freedom of Movement

Whether it is a seasoned professional or a public speaking novice stepping up to the microphone, the FlexMic™ has you covered. Optimized for speech, the FlexMic™ microphones deliver the highest level of speech intelligibility and articulation.

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Background Music for the Streaming Generation
Bluesound Professional