High Impact Active Sound Reinforcement
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The Company

dBTechnologies (1990) is a brand owned by AEB Industriale s.r.l., an italian Company founded in 1973 in Bologna (Italy), which is part of the Pro Audio industry leader RCF Group, providing a strong know-how in the Professional Audio market.

A constant research on new materials and technologies, together with the ability to create unique design solutions, are the key ingredients for an ever-increasing market share and success.

Today AEB Industriale’s Headquarters are located in Crespellano (Bologna) with a total area of over 10,000 square meters housing the legal and production core, the sales and administrative offices, the warehouses, and the Research & Development department where all dBTechnologies’​ products are designed and developed.

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Pure passion for technology

logo VIO series 2

Fully powered line array and sub series intended for large sound reinforcement applications.

A unique design and advanced DSP programming come together to deliver imposing sound pressure levels, an outstanding control of dispersion and the most detailed audio performance.

Vio Groundstacked 2
VIO C15 x4

VIO C Series Logos

Upgrading arrayable loudspeaker concept to a brand new level.

A complete series of 2-way active line-source speakers for the widest range of venues and applications, from installed PA systems to sound reinforcement for touring.


Ultra-compact 4-channel design

Original series of professional active 2-way speakers combining impressive output, advanced DSP features and complete networkability via Aurora Net software.

Vio X 2
VIO W10 left corner 1

logo VIO W10

Professional stage monitor able to keep up with any VIO PA system on any kind of stage and application

logo opera

Exceptional power and a unique acoustic design

Advanced DSP features combined in order to deliver a vigorous yet pristine sound, successfully adaptable to both playback and live music applications.

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KL 1
KL Series logos

Maximum ease-of-use and versatility

Maximum ease-of-use and versatility among dBTechnologies’ 2-way active speaker series, thanks to an advanced DSP featuring FIR filters, Bluetooth connection and intruitive on board controls.

logo sub

Powerful and precise low-frequency performance packed in sturdy yet compact-sized cabinets.

SUB 900: Complete control of low-end power in order to convey a deep, full-bodied sound in every kind of applications. Equipped with high-performance components housed into a bass reflex design.

SUB 600: Able to deliver outstanding sound pressure levels in spite of their compact housing, while providing a clean, impressively precise low-end reproduction.

Sub618 1
ES1203 stereo right side 1 3
logo ES

The ES Entertainment System series; Column PA system

ES series encompass 3 models equally multifunctional, portable, space-saving and user-friendly. Perfect as portable PA for live sound and playback applications or as a compact live sound reinforcement system.


A new synthesis of knowledge in acoustics.

INGENIA range boasts four models designed to work both individually and coupled. Their sober design perfectly combines with advanced DSP functions, allowing a smooth and easy optimization of the system’s coverage and acoustic performance.

Ingenia 1
FMX gruppo 003 DSC1339 3
logo flexsis

Active Speakers & Stage Monitors series for FOH purposes when mighty SPL and low-ranging response are needed

A new generation for flagship wedge Flexsys; FMX series encompasses a range of tailored monitoring solutions featuring coaxial design, precise dispersion pattern, last-generation sound processing with linear phase FIR Filters and maximum adaptability to the needs of every performer.

logo dvx

Stage professionals for a vast range of applications

Boasting an impressive feature set comprising high quality input board, multifunctional birch multiplex housings equipped with rigging points and rails, flexible configuration options, and an unrivalled price-to-performance ratio.

DVX DM15 TH tre quarti
IS 3

IS Series

The most complete series of passive speaker for installation, designed to fulfill integrators’ requirements.

Needless to say the keyword here is: ease of installation and unobtrusiveness. That’s why each single system in IS series comes with a smooth design, Phoenix connectors, black or white version.

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