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Adamson is Canada’s most recognized exporter of loudspeaker technology for the pro-audio sector. For more than 30 years Adamson loudspeakers have been a mainstay in global tours and festivals, and are installed in some of the most prestigious venues around the world.

Located in Port Perry, Ontario, Adamson is one of the largest employers in Scugog Township with more than 100 highly skilled craftsmen and women in disciplines ranging from the design and development through production.

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Reference class immersive audio rendering engine. Unparalleled sound quality, versatility and ease of use. Position sound objects in the acoustic space in a way you never dreamed of before…

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Large-format Line Array technology

The E-Series is our flagship product family and represents a huge step forward in large-format line array technology. Outstanding performance paired with lightning fast rigging and truck pack is what defines the E-Series as an industry leader. Demanded by the worlds most recognized productions and installed in world class venues. It reproduces the subtlest nuances of a performance in every seat of every venue, every night.

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Full-range Line array with Controlled Summation Technology

The Adamson S-Series solves a problem that most rental houses face, which is how to get consistent coverage and excellent power out of a sub-compact system. Traditional 2-way line array designs cannot provide even horizontal coverage in the mid-range, which is why we designed our Controlled Summation Technology. The 2 Kevlar Neodymium drivers ensure that the S-Series full-range cabinets will exceed headroom expectations.


Touring performance products to the world of integration

The IS-Series brings the rider acceptance and performance of Adamson’s touring products to the world of integration. Leveraging proprietary technologies such as: Controlled Summation Technology, Advanced Cone Architecture and intuitive rigging solutions have ensured that the IS-Series meets with Adamson’s high standards. So that the architectural design remains the center of attention is paramount.

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Intelligent loudspeakers provides on-board amplification

The CS-series of intelligent loudspeakers provides on-board amplification and DSP, plus Milan-certified AVB connectivity, with the same footprint as the acclaimed S-Series. CS Rack products include the Adamson Gateway, Bridge, Network Distribution System, and Power Distribution System. And AI Software upgrades your ability to design, deploy, control, and monitor in both mobile and installation environments. This is Adamson’s legendary sound, evolved for the networked future of professional audio.


High-energy performances without increasing weight or footprint

The M-Series was using Kevlar Neodymium drivers to ensure that a monitor engineer will be able to accommodate any performer’s needs, while not breaking backs setting up the stage. Tight coverage patterns utilizing our proprietary waveguide technology reinforce well-defined coverage areas with minimal spill.

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Point Series

Flexibility, RAL color matching, high power, and seamless coverage

Point Series is designed to outperform all other conventional 2-way enclosures on the market. Combining our proprietary Kevlar cone designs with our highly engineered acoustic waveguides ensures that there is no trade-off needed when seeking high power and seamless coverage. Flexibility is also a key factor with the Point Series, as all waveguides are easily rotatable and each loudspeaker comes with a wide variety of suspension options. RAL colour matching is also available throughout the series to ensure that all installation requirements can be met.

Point Concentric Series

Clean, linear sound with RAL color matching. Perfectly suited for deployment in a wide variety of applications

Point Concentric series employs co-axial transducer technology to produce clean, linear sound from a small footprint. Most enclosures offer a true conical coverage pattern, perfectly suited for deployment in a wide variety of applications. Though small, all enclosures are still built with top-quality Baltic Birch, ensuring a warm, deep sound. RAL colour matching is also available to ensure that all installation requirements can be met.

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