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Bluesound Professional
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Bluesound Professional is a fusion of hardware and software that is purpose-built for high-performance networked audio for retail shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, and other commercial applications.

End users can connect and control nearly any audio source, including streaming services, internet radio, or networked hard drives, while installers can confidently specify rack-mounted hardware that integrates seamlessly with smart controllers.

Powered by BluOS, an award-winning multi-zone audio management software platform, made native in a comprehensive range of controllers, streamers, amplifiers, and speakers, Bluesound Professional makes commercial audio installation projects easy to configure, deliver, and use. 

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Network Audio for Your Business

Music Streamers

Multi-Zone Coverage

Support one zone or multiple zones with stable, networked audio streaming.


Retrofit our streamers into existing or new audio systems. The ecosystem’s modular design allows them work seamlessly as an audio system on its own, or with audio components from other brands.

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Easy to Install

Standard rack sizes and a wide range of standard inputs and outputs allows for simple installation.

Fully Integrated

Our streamers are integrated with many music services, some designed for commercial use such as SoundMachine, Custom Channels, SiriusXM for Business, Qsic and Tunify. Streaming from local network content storage or library is also possible.


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Network Streaming Speaker
Network Powered Subwoofer
Passive Ceiling Speaker

PoE Speakers

The Benefits of Opting for PoE in Streaming Speakers

PoE (Power over ethernet) enabled speakers are powered by one wire that carries both data and power over a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable, allowing for ease and flexibility of speaker placement.

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Versatile network accessory

Connection of both analog and digital audio devices to a BluOS ecosystem for networked streaming. Users can use the HUB to play audio sources like TVs and business music players in single or multiple zones of an installation without being limited by wires and physical proximity.


Premium multi-room music software

BluOS is a wireless ecosystem that uses a home network to connect more than one enabled device and play your music in perfect sync, or different music simultaneously, anywhere in the house. Using advanced technologies, BluOS can wirelessly transmit lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz at lightning-fast speeds with no lag and zero loss in sound quality.

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