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To create the most advanced presentation room with high flexibility and taking advantage of expandable networked audio, video and lighting technologies.

This was achieved in by Sonos Libra in partnership with the PTT Design team, System Integrator and Crestron Application Engineers. The complete Audio, Video and Lighting system is based around a Crestron control and network system, with dedicated VLANs for Dante Audio, Crestron NVX Video over IP and Artnet lighting Control. 

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The Allen and Heath Avantis provides easy to use yet extremely powerful audio routing and mixing functions over the Dante network, and can also be integrated within the Crestron Control system using TCP/IP commands over the network.

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Paired with the powerful Adamson PC5 and P115 combination, the audio system really showcases that big sound can come from small packages!  A Left Center Right audio configuration was deployed with subs hidden behind the stage.  This allows the operator flexibility in routing, even if most of the audio content will be a “triple mono” approach with the same signal being fed to all speakers.

To ensure the presenters voices were picked up with the utmost clarity and precision,  Earthworks FMR500 podium microphones were deployed.  These have a wide cardioid pickup pattern which allows the presenter to move naturally when speaking without the sound changing.  To allow more flexible movement and audience Q&A, Earthworks SR5314 capsules were fitted to the Sennheiser wireless microphones.


The video system is a showcase of Crestron’s NVX technology, allowing 4K60 (4:4:4) video to be sent over a 1 gigabit network.  The NVX-363 includes Dante output, so was chosen for it’s easy and flexible integration options with the audio system, while NVX-E760 encoders were chosen around the room in order to combine easily with the flush mounted HDMI wall panels.


The powerful Crestron CP4 control system was further implemented to control both the Panasonic PTZ controller and associated cameras, and also the Chamsys lighting control desk through simple Hex commands as documented in each manufacturers documentation.

Premium moving head wash lighting from DTS was deployed to ensure accurate skin tone coloration when cameras are used, and also to provide excitement and energy at any new product launches or special events.

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