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"The location is certainly very evocative but it presented several difficulties from a logistical and also audio point of view, because it is a very large space, but narrow and long; on the other hand, it's the only space in the city center that allows hosting live events like this, in compliance with the regulations dictated by the health emergency. So it was the first time that we used our VIO system for live concerts in this space and personally I'm very satisfied with the result. We also received very good feedback from the organizers"

Ivan Franco Bottoni

Technical Manager

"We wanted a stage that would fit perfectly into the frame we were in, bearing in mind that we had no hanging point for the system. The couple of INGENIA with VIO provided a complete and homogeneous coverage with the right live 'push', fully overcoming the water obstacle and respecting at the same time the cleanliness of the stage, and enhancing the natural background of the park. Thanks to the cardioid configuration we avoided excessive volumes to the houses behind the stage; the satisfaction was complete also on the aesthetic side. The ease of transport and assembly of the IG4T was fundamental in such a particular context and we already know that they’ll be main PA also for the next appointment, because thanks to the digital steering we’ll be able to adapt the system to particular arenas or spaces that need a different coverage. Assembly and setup were simple and fast; the audio performance totally met expectations"

Andrea Ficara

Sound Engineer

"The choice of VIO L212 as the main sound reinforcement system proved to be successful both for the sound performance of the orchestra and for the simplicity of the set up operations; the MediTA Festival is a leading event during summer season, in particular this year it has represented a moment of rebirth for live music activities"

Pierluigi Pigi Provinciali

Provinciali Srl CEO

"The musical offer of the event was dense and attractive: the most famous classical and rock pieces found a great scenic ally in classical and contemporary dance thanks to Utopia Conceptual, a visual theatre organization capable of telling stories through the fusion of several disciplines. It was a great party aiming to celebrate 302 years since the foundation of the Kadriorg complex. Today as a museum of national importance, Kadriorg Palace and Park Ensemble was designed in 1718 by the Italian architect Nicola Michetti on behalf and advice of Peter I, Tsar of Russia."

Lehar Lepler

Sound Engineer of Maivel


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